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What is MiMo?

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Founded in February of 2020, Miami Modern Pizza - better known as MiMo - has served hundreds of specialty multicultural pizzas. At its very core, MiMo represents the beauty of the melting pot that is the Miami community. Founder and Executive Chef Paolo Galloti has trained and refined his culinary tastes and skills across the globe. From Italy to Japan, Paolo strives to bring a new design to the classic pizza pie. As a native Italian, Paolo holds great pride in serving authentic Italian cuisine. Our dedication to quality has made us a fast-developing pizza restaurant in the Miami area. We hope to provide, not only the best pizzas, but also a unique dining experience.

As a sit-down pizza restaurant, we pride ourselves on our exceptional dining experience, from fast service to mouth-watering freshly made masterpieces. In a city of diverse backgrounds, we reflect international cultures in our creations in order to reach every visitor on a deeply personal level. As a pizzeria that specializes in international flavors, there are plenty of MiMo memories, personal stories, and laughs to share. We are always striving to expand our menu, try new combinations and incorporate diverse ingredients in our recipes.

As our founder, Paolo Galloti, says, “MiMo is not just another day’s lunch, it is a dining experience.” It’s the basis upon which MiMo was founded - community through pizza.

The MiMo Promise

To serve Miami-style pizzas inspired by multicultural cuisines in an excellent service and dining environment.



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